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Two skilled craftsmen build a set of 25ft tall square brackets. One saws them into shape whilst his colleague — up a ladder — paints them.

Expert Prezi design

We understand the importance of your next business presentation. Make the impact it deserves with a Prezi that's seamless, comfortable for you to present, whilst being engaging & memorable for your audience.

Yellow, red, green & blue paint pots surround a plank that has already been sawn from the top of the image above.

A Prezi that's built to impress

The beauty of Prezi + design is that we create presentations specific to your company, delivering key messages in the most effective way. For an idea of how we can help you, view some of our previous Prezis And you can discuss your Prezi requirements here.

Your PowerPoint content - into Prezi. See how the Historic Royal Palaces benefit from Prezi’s non-linear ability.

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With Prezi’s 'infinite canvas' to explore your ideas, there's plenty of space to show your content in meaningful ways.

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Prezi’s movement provides a welcoming feel - simply zooming into your building feels natural, and provides intrigue.

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Explore the freedom of a non-linear Prezi. Navigating your presentation in any order puts you in control.

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Communicate more effectively to your audience. Prezi's added depth provides a better experience of your product.

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Prezi works great as video! Conveying your story in the most compelling way while providing huge share-ability.

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The flexibility to customise a Prezi Template to your needs, means you get the right presentation every time.

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Two skilled craftsmen build a set of 25ft tall square brackets. One saws them into shape whilst his colleague — up a ladder — paints them.

We love creating Prezis

As Prezi design is our specialism, we know the best ways to make the most of your presentation's content. We thoroughly discuss your presentations aims, the audience you are delivering to, and a fine selection of questions to really get a great understanding of your specific requirements.

Taking all we know and any content you have, we mix this all together, adding in the relevant design to create a finished Prezi - designed to engage, inform and impress.

Let us know your requirements so we may craft your Prezi design story.

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“ We Crafted's Prezi design work is fully on point. The end product - presentations created to absorb your audiences attention ”


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We Crafted's Logo - A vibrant red Story Book pointing to the 'crafted' wording.

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Screenshot from a PowerPoint into Prezi with an illustration of the six Royal Palces, all easy to explore with a single click on their sections. Screenshot from a PowerPoint to Prezi showing regal splendour in Banqueting House. The red curtains contrasting with golden ceiling paintings.
Screenshot from product launch Prezi with the bold word 'TIME' appearing next to a shiny new high-tech timepiece. Screenshot from product launch Prezi. A striking and sophisticated, silver smartwatch stands out on a bright orange panel.
Screenshot from a Supermarket Prezi with an illustration of the flagship store at its centre and colourful sections to explore content above. Screenshot from a Supermarket Prezi showing the range of green credentials they offer from recycling to renewable energy.
Screenshot from Lego Prezi. A selection of 6 colouful lego bricks. Each brick (section) can be clicked in any order to reveal its contents. Screenshot from Lego Prezi showing a Lego woman stood in front of 4 bricks, about to remove her hat, thus making her the exact same height!

Screenshot from B2C Prezi. A deep purple background hosts a logo, red-wine bottle & filled glass with a delicious bunch of grapes at their feet. Screenshot from B2C Prezi that shows a pale yellow, flat map view of the World. Key wine-growing regions highlighted across the map.
Screenshot from London Prezi that shows a view down Millennium Bridge to St Paul's Cathedral, and the City's skyline all the way to The Shard. Screenshot from London Prezi Showing Tower Bridge with all of its splendid architecture and grandure. A few facts hover in the sky above.
Screenshot from a Prezi template showing a sunny, mountain backed island, covered with various wind, solar and hydro electric generators. Screenshot from a Prezi template showing the varied selection of graphic elements to be used in creating different presentations.