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This is our story

We Crafted was founded as we love design's power to simply convey (complex) info. Prezi amplifies that power, enabling us to create unforgettable presentations with delightful visuals & informative movement.

Portrait photo of Ryan Ramnath (We Crafted MD) looking professional & sharp wearing his grey business suit and dotted white shirt. No tie!

Ryan Ramnath,

We Crafted MD & Prezi designer

Why we specialise in Prezi design

Slidezzz… That's the short story!

Prezi takes a different approach to presentation software; rather than sequential slides, we have a single vast canvas. This gives us unique possibilities for placing and showing your content - right where it'll best convey your content to your audience.

Several years ago, our founder Ryan — already a seasoned graphic designer — fancied a fresh challenge, and so went forth to master Prezi's intricacies & power at a fantastic Prezi design Co. There; building business presentations for some of the world’s best known companies, his passion for Prezi and the way it enables new presentation possibilities, could not be contained any longer.

Now taming We Crafted, our daily mission is: 'Crafting your Prezi design story'. We do this by blending the highest level of Prezi expertise with visual design that best enhances your content. The end result is crafted presentations that are meticulously planned, designed and built to fulfil all of your Prezi requirements.

Read how our Prezi design methodology enables us to do this for you below. You can also get in touch now to discuss, or send an enquiry to us@wecrafted.com

Our creative approach

We treat every Prezi presentation with the same level of passion & enthusiasm - a level of delivering the most relevant, well designed and thoroughly engaging presentation - for you to present and your prospects to enjoy.

Using our methodical technique, we create your Prezi’s design in an efficient, tried & tested way - welcome to our Prezi kitchen:

A mixing bowl is having unusual ingredients added into it… A presentation slide deck, company logo and staff photo - all about to be whisked!

Prepare your ingredients

Your content forms the base ingredients for your presentation. Feed us what you have - sketched ideas, PowerPoint decks, your company logo… our stomach's rumbling!

We talk about your ingredients, letting you know which ones will cook up the best and where we can make tasty improvements.

Show you what's cooking

To whet your appetite, we start baking some samples - giving you choice and insight into how your Prezi feast is developing.

We take the time now to make sure that you are happy with the visual flavour, discussing & altering to get the taste you like.

A shiny oven, the temp set at 365° C, sits with its door ajar. Colourful lines and stars emanate from the gap …Hot Prezi designs baking inside.
A clear jar of We Crafted's sauce is filled with ingredients, whizzing around within. All eagerly awaiting adding flavour to dull presentations.

Add our finely crafted sauce

Using our time-honed Prezi design palate, we intensify the final recipe - adding in fresh design flavour, exquisite details and the heartiest helping of expertise.

All of this is then combined with just the right level of spicy Prezi movement to best complement your presentations aims.

Deliver your tasty treat

Our master chefs get everything together, plated up, ready for presentation day. We create final design, assemble the portable Prezi for use anywhere, plus any extras including succulent video for your website, social media etc.

Cooked to perfection and sure to go down well with your audience, we deliver your delicious Prezi design. Bon Appétit!

Mmmm, cake. A delicious, strawberry topped cupcake, full of tasty Prezi flavour awaits being devoured.

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“ The level of technical Prezi knowledge coupled with an innate understanding of presentation flow is a winning formula: P = WC² ”


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We Crafted's Logo - A vibrant red Story Book pointing to the 'crafted' wording.

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Portrait photo of Ryan Ramnath (We Crafted MD) looking professional & sharp wearing his grey business suit and dotted white shirt. No tie!